Blacknest Golf & Country Club

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Fishing Rules


As of 29th March 2015.

Failure to abide by these rules can result in disciplinary action.

  1. Fishing permits are to be purchased from Reception prior to fishing.

  2. Fishing permits will not be issued without your Environment Agency Rod Licence.

  3. Any persons under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult.

  4. Fishing within advertised times only, which will never include night fishing.  Fishing will normally start when Reception opens and end before 9pm.  A half day is from 4pm in summer time, 2pm in winter.

  5. Car parking permits are to be displayed prominently on dashboards.

  6. This car park is locked overnight, normally from 9pm.  Be sure you know when this car park will be secured, especially in the middle of summer (more daylight hours for fishing).

  7. Blacknest Golf and Country Club (BGCC) accepts no liability for equipment, nor cars and their contents parked within its premises.  Anglers and their companions visit entirely at their own risk.

  8. No tackling up in the car park.

  9. Fishing is currently limited to the South Pond: the southerly, the larger of the two ponds.

  10. Fishing from designated platforms only.  No wading.

  11. Maximum of 2 rods per adult.  One rod for those under 16.

  12. All rigs must be free running: no fixed or semi-fixed rigs. No spinning.  No live baiting.  No baits to be brought in tins.  No nut baits, bloodworms or jokers.  Additionally, Blacknest reserves the right to restrict the use of certain baits, at their discretion, throughout the year.

  13. Please avoid excessive ground baiting and minimise free offerings on the surface.

  14. The use of braided mainline is prohibited.

  15. Hooks larger than size 14 are to be barbless.  Hooks 14 and above may be micro-barbed.

  16. Anglers are required to use a landing net, a disgorger and a dryunhooking mat.

  17. Only Blacknest landing nets are to be used (to be attached to your own handle).  These nets are available from Reception for a £20 cash deposit.  At the end of fishing, the deposit is refunded by Reception, or by the Clubhouse staff in the Nest Café (if Reception is closed), when the landing net is returned undamaged.

  18. No keepnets (other than in BAC sanctioned matches, for which keepnets will be supplied).

  19. Fish are to be returned to the water as soon as possible.  No fish are to be taken away.

  20. No cutting back of foliage, branches etc.  No littering.  All litter is to be taken home.

  21. No fires, cooking, heating of beverages, music, bite alarms.  No disruptive activities, especially those which could distract people on the golf course.

  22. No dogs, less for guide dogs.

  23. No access/exit from the golf course side.

  24. All requests from BGCC staff must be complied with.

  25. Please respect the fish, waters, grounds, signs and other personnel at all times.

  26. At the end of fishing, BAC equipment is to be returned to Reception, or the Clubhouse staff in the Nest Café when Reception is closed.

  27. We hope you enjoy the fishing and we welcome any suggestions for improvement.

  28. Please refer to the website for news and updates. Rules on the website take precedence.

If you have any questions regarding the fishing rules, please contact us on 0140 22888.

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